Best Dry Herb Vaporizers

546r7yuftyhA dry herb vaporizer can also be referred to as a dry weed vaporizer. This is the healthiest way that an individual can achieve the same feeling that they could have had by smoking tobacco, herbs or even marijuana. With dry vaping, one can comfortably do this without having the problem associated with smoke or toxins that come with it. This particular vape is referred to as dry since it is essential in hitting the herbs to attain the required temperature. On attaining this heat level they only release the active ingredient for your consumption while keeping your herbs intact.

This type of vape can also be very useful to those people who have throat problems but still want to achieve the pleasure that comes with the herbs. When your preference is being on the go, then we can recommend a vaporizer that is portable and discreet, or if you are the type that stays at home, then a desktop vaporizer is the best recommendation for you.

Since the dry herb vaporizers are the way to go these days, let us discuss some of them that are available in the market. This will help you in making a choice on the best dry herb vape that can fit your needs.

Pulsar APX

This is the best selling dry herb vaporizer in the market currently. It is also highly recommended for beginners by leading vaping news platforms both online and offline. The high demand and sales that it is enjoying in the market are proof that most people like it. It also can handle both oil wax and liquid. It also has a snap that one can put to use and the device is also available in a variety of colors. It’s attaching magnetic accessories makes sure that it is easy to use.

One of its outstanding features is its long cord which can heat at a minimum of 40 seconds. It is also credited with producing a very amazing experience in each session that you use it. This one is recommended to those that want a high-performance dry herb vaporizer at a relatively low price.

Firefly 2

thyumhjghftgIt is credited for when you are using it you can achieve that great and quick hit. As opposed to other vapes, with this one, you can make a draw without necessary vaping everything in one session. It can deliver instant heat as it is smaller compared to other vapes.

It is lighter and easy to use as it is only made up of two parts. This is the magnetic lid and the vaporizer. It also gives the user the luxury of not grinding the herb as it has a jet that does it.


This is usually a high-end dry herb vaporizer. It has an outstanding well designed outer shelling. Not very weighty but lighter since it weighs a mere 135 g. It also has an automatic mouth-guard that pushes inwards when it is not in use; this is meant to ensure that it does not break.

It offers a lot of joy in its use. This one requires that you grind your herb, but on doing so you will get the aid of filling object that will ensure that it is properly filled.