Deciding on a contractor to repair you roof can be a daunting task for any homeowner as this is something that is done once or twice in a lifetime.Most people have little experience in roofing, and so it is very important to do some research before hiring a contractor.

Tips to hire a roofing contractor

Contractor should have insurance

werdfgvhbThis is very important as repairing a roof is risky, and accidents are prone to happen. Only consider roofers who have worker’s liability and compensation insurance. Go the extra step and call the insurance company to confirm that the certificate is valid.

Always opt for a local contractor

Since this is not something that is going to be done again, you want to have the protection of a local business with an established reputation in your local community.Hiring outside is not always ideal as even with a five-year warranty the business can relocate or close without your knowledge

Many homeowners fall victim to trusting outside contractors because they were presented with a warranty only for the company to disappear after doing a shoddy job.

Stay clear of the fly by night contractors

These are the contractors who take advantage of storms or other weather-related problems in your area and always introduce themselves with a knock on the door.Most are very convincing on why you should hire them but will leave town as soon as the job is done never to be seen again.

Don’t base your decision on price

wesdfcgvhbnKeep in mind that this is a once in a lifetime improvement to your home. You don’t want to choose cheap and end up hiring another contractor two years later. A good and reliable company with a reliable insurance will always be pricey to cover such costs.Contractors working out of a track or working on the side will always work for cheaper and in most cases end up compromising the quality of your roof.Many homeowners want to save money, but that shouldn’t be a consideration when deciding which contractor to hire. You will end up spending more money fixing problems.

If you have reason to believe that they can get the job done, do not make any payments upfront. First call your local agent and seek a second opinion or a recommendation. Don’t sign anything until you have read and understood the terms of the contract and make sure to request a personal copy.