Top Ways To Get Lyft Promo Code

Lyft promo codes are meant to offer new users an excellent opportunity to get a free ride and try lyft. In fact, the company generous offers up to $50 in free ride credits to new users who try their platform. With such amount, you can try their platform several times and get the experience of this great service. Lyft promo code can be used in any city. However, these codes do expire. Thus, ensure you use it before time elapses.

Nowadays, Lyft offers its existing users free ritg23e6y23e7u2eid72u2io2de credit when they refer their friends and try the platform. In fact, this type of marketing drive has made lyft grow exponentially. Moreover, it is redefining how future referral programs should operate.

Stiff competition

In efforts to acquire new passengers, Lyft is now battling with their largest industry rival, Uber. This explains why they try to offer promo codes now and again. In the past, Lyft used to offer $10 to $25 per new user. Nowadays, they do offer up to $50. This is because Uber is becoming more aggressive as days go by. At the end of the day, riders are the ones that benefit more.

You should note that your credit does not go away after taking your first ride. This is quite different as compared to Uber. Thus, your credit will remain in the account even after taking the first ride. For instance, if you have a credit of $50 and take a ride costing $20, you will have a balance of $30, for your next ride. This feature allows users to maximize on their free rides.

Promo codes for new users

New usetg23e6y3e7u28i2io2e872u28rs are those that are yet to claim their promo code. If you are one, then you are luck. This is because Lyft is offering free ride credit worth $50 after downloading the app and setting up your account. This promo code is applied during the first ride. If some credit remains, it is then rolled to your next rides. You can use these promotions to try this platform free of charge.

Maximizing referral program

After enjoying your first ride, you now become an existing user. This means that you cannot redeem a promo code that is meant for Lyft users. However, this is not to say you cannot get free rides. You can use your promo code to invite others to get free rides. Each user is offered a code, which he or she can give to others in exchange for free rides.