What to Look for in Condos For Sale

Looking for a condominium for sale can be an exciting experience. First, you need to figure out the best condo that you can afford. You also need to consider other factors such as physical location, management of the condominium and legal conditions. Buying a newly build condominium is different from buying a previously owned unit. This paper highlights what to look for in condos for sale.


Physical Factors

kkkkkjkjjkjjkjLocation of the condo should be a major factor in what to look for in condos for sale. A condominium can be close to public amenities such as pools, guest suites, and party rooms among other amenities. Such amenities can be a source of noise. Here are some of the factors you may need to consider.

  • Proximity of the condominium to the clubs or other amenities that can create concern
  • Proximity of the unit to garbage chutes and time when the chutes are used
  • Location of the elevator from a unit and the amount of noise produce by the elevator
  • Availability of metered electricity. Metered electricity should not be shared since power meters that are shared with neighbors may turn expensive.

Administrative factors

Each building or complex has its own or shared declaration and either shared or separate board of directors. These boards will occasionally be meeting to deal with issues pertaining to the facility. Consider how capability of the management and if they are dedicated to solving issues that may arise.

  • Before buying a resale condo, first consider prices of other units in the same or similar building in that same geographical area
  • Check the amount of reserve fund
  • Check to ensure that the condo had not special assessments in the recent past
  • Visit the management office and ask for clarifications of any issue that you be having. However, make sure that you are tactical and nice as most managers have a lot of work and many potential buyers.
  • Talk to a few owners before buying a re-sale condo and all the necessary information concerning the board of directors that you may need to know.

Human factors you have to consider

ddfffaauyHuman also factors important factors in what to look for in condos for sale. Consider your age and check whether there are other people of your age. If you are retired, you will need friends to stay with and even play with. If you have a family, check whether there are other families and whether residents are polite. Here are the two factors that you may need to consider.

  • When you need to buy a resale unit, check different amenities such as elevator, lobby and check whether the people in the neighborhood are load or polite.
  • Check whether there people of your age group, especially when you are retired